The Noir

The Noir. A land entirely devoid of color, but rich with life. Around every corner is a gangster with a knife, and outside every motel is a P.I. with a camera. The days are only a few hours long and always heavily overcast and raining, so that the gloom never lifts. The long nights see scattered showers, mixed with light fog and clouds of steam and smoke that snake through the streets concealing the dim alleys and dirty brick walls. The lighting never seems adequate, with street lights casting small circles reflected in puddles in the dark, and interior lights leaving corners in deep shadow.

The city itself seems threadbare and rundown, with seedy bars, aging lounges, and nightclubs the most obvious businesses, and tired office towers hosting low rent clients looking down on the dirty streets below. The Southside is full of shabby slums brushing up against antiquated industrial structures, like old factories and warehouses, and the Waterfront is dominated by sagging piers where commercial ships load and unload boxes of freight. There is a train that passes through every three hours like clockwork, never stopping; north of the tracks is an area designated by locals as “north of the tracks”, an upscale place overflowing with neon lights and corruption.

The local cops all seem to be apathetic or corrupt, and most locals bury their sorrows in the bottle.

What a Recursor Instinctively Knows About the Noir

  • The Noir operates under the laws of Standard Physics as well as Drama and Style.
  • Dramatic presence and behavior is rewarded in the Noir, sometimes even moreso than being clever (although they make a striking combination).
  • It is a very dangerous city, and pure souls are hard to find here. Nearly everyone has regrettable pasts (if not regrettable presents).
  • No matter what you want to accomplish, you will rarely find anyone to help you.

Known Noir Residents

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