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Welcome to the Vincenzo!

The Vincenzo — a Nevada casino alive with the bright lights and musky smells of money exchanging hands. This is where we met our three protagonists:

  • Dinah Vincenzo, the gun-twirling entertainment prodigy of the Vincenzo’s famous Vaulted Theatre and daughter of Francesco “Frankie” Vincenzo, the presumed-dead owner of the casino;
  • Frankie, a weird telemarketer with an obsession with secret spy techniques;
  • and Crono, an independent scientist with his eyes on discovering more about quantum mechanics.

Frankie and Crono entered the establishment hunting down a street drug called Spiral Dust, Crono because of its unique scientific qualities and Frankie because he thinks he can become a new dealer for the West Coast. The two of them overhear to unknown Blackjack players ask the dealer about a card game named ‘Circles’, witness the strangers being given special golden tokens, and then witness the strangers going into a door at the back of the room labelled “Customer Relations”.

Crono turns around and plays more blackjack while Frankie, already having known about the ‘Circles’ codeword, takes it upon himself to follow the two strangers. On his way he sees Dinah—who he already knew from his days as a waiter for Vinny’s, a restaurant that she and her late father used to visit—and decides instead to talk to her about this drug thing. They decide to adjourn to the refrigerator in the back of the Chips restaurant in order to talk privately, and come up with a plan to look into those rooms in the back.

While they talk about this, Crono overhears what he thinks is a gunfight behind the Customer Relations door. On her way to investigate the back rooms, Dinah sees Crono. He tells her he heard gunfire; she runs backstage to grab her own pistols, and a jacket to conceal them. While she’s gone, Frankie returns to the Blackjack tables and Crono listens at the Customer Relations door. He hears someone get dragged away, and when they’re gone, he enters the room.

He sees two dead casino employees and a wounded woman, and immediately runs back outside for help.

Dinah, on her way back, stops him. He tells her that he saw two dead men and a wounded woman; Dinah calms him down and flawlessly convinces him that what he saw was actually a rehearsal for a new Vaulted Theatre show. Relieved that no one was actually hurt, Crono returns to the Blackjack table. Dinah closes the Guest Relations door and goes to find her good friend Tommy “Snub-Nose” Arimino.

Now that the way is clear, Frankie, with his hobbyist-spy-moves, makes it into the room without being noticed. He tries to convince the injured woman that he is there to help her; when that fails, he attacks her; when that fails, she punches him in the face. Tommy enters at that point and follows Dinah’s orders to grab the girl. She demands to know where they took Carter; they bluff and tell her that they know where he is.

After some discussion, Tommy and Frankie take the girl into a different, more secure back room while Dinah goes to get Crono, knowing that he’s seen too much.

Alone in the back room, Frankie attacks Tommy with the back end of a chloroform bottle and gets headbutted for the failed attempt. Dinah and Crono enter. After some conversation, Dinah tells Tommy to let the girl go—she informs them that her name is Alyssa—and get her a medical pack. When he returns she sets about taking care of her leg wound, and Dinah asks Tommy to get Antonio Martinetti.

Alyssa tells them that she and Carter had come here to investigate the sale of Spiral Dust on the premises and try to shut down the operator, and turns down their offer to work together. Tommy returns with Antonio; Dinah tells him that Alyssa is with the FBI. Alyssa immediately accidentally implicates herself as being in the FBI, and Antonio immediately votes to kill her. Dinah talks him down, and Tommy takes Alyssa forcefully to a more secure location.

That leaves Crono, Frankie, Dinah, and Antonio with a missing Agent and a mysterious drug sale on their hands.


KayleeTam KayleeTam

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